Tm menards: Overview & Guidelines

TM Menards is an online employee member portal.

With more than 40K plus employees Menards have set up this online portal so that their employees have access to their information, connect with other employees and many more benefits which are mentioned below.

menards team member login

Menards was founded by John Menard Jr in 1960, it is the third-largest home improvement chain in the United States of America. Its retail stores sell lumber and home improvement products such as hardware, tools, doors, windows, and many more.

Menard has also been involved in residential real estate development. Headquartered in Wisconsin, the company now spreads over 15 states throughout the Midwest with more than 350 stores.

  • check your work timing.
  • The latest updates are there for you.
  • check the recent policy of the Menards employee portal.
  • Change of work schedule
  •  24/7 customer care service
  • check your assignments, tasks and work schedule
  • maintains the medium of communication among employees.
  • Update their payrolls, check payments, and print their payment details.

How to login Tm Menards Employee Account?

If you don’t have one, kindly talk to your HR representative to help you acquire it. As you cannot register for an online account as Menards does not have such an option.

Step-1. Open your browser and go to the Menards TM Login portal at

Step-2. Once the homepage open’s, you will see the TM Menards member Login Form.

TM Menards login

Step-3. Now in the first field, Enter your “Team Member Number”.

Step-4. Next, type in your correct password in the second field and

Step-5. Finally, press the “Log in” button to sign in your account.

How to Recover TM Menards employee Password?

We recommended you “Not to forget password”.

But in some cases, we forget and there is always a way to recover passwords for valid-user.

  • Go to TM Menards login link:
  • You can see the text “Forgot password” Link
  •  Enter your team member number below.

An email message will be sent to your registered personal email address containing a link to reset your password.

How To Change TM Menards Employee Login Password

If you also want to change your password, press the “Change Password” link in the homepage. Now, You will be asked to Enter your Team Member Number, Current Password, New Password, and then Re-Enter your new Password as shown the image.

Finally, press the “SAVE” button to save your new password.

Password must be 7 or more characters long and contain at least 3 of following categories: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols as mention in images:

Customer care

If you have any difficulty resetting your password or logging in, please contact Tm mednards Customer Care for further assistance.

Corporate Office number: (715) 876-5911

Fax number: (715) 876-2868

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