Target Red Card: Guidelines & Overview

Target card provides top-of-the-line discounts and exclusive benefits alongside instant rewards at the store. If you are a regular Target customer, your savings will spiral upwards instantly by using the card.

This article is a tutorial to help you perform a successful Target red card login. By the end of this article, you will be able to access your target red card online account and set up one if you do not yet have an account. Before moving forward with the process to login, let’s briefly go through the background of the Target RedCard.

Target RedCard Login
Company Name Target Corporation
Founders Store: John Geisse ; corporation George Dayton
Founded on June 24, 1902
Official Web Page
Official Web Page (Corporation)
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There are three types of Target red card: Target credit card, Target debit card, and Target MasterCard. These cards have a similar function to all types of credit card, debit card, and MasterCard; however, they can only be used while shopping at Target and

We suggest you go through the Target card privacy policy before setting up your account. To see the privacy policy of Target Credit Card, click here.

Benefits/Services of Target red card:

  • Red Cardholders receive a 5% discount on most of the products.
  • Online shoppers receive free two-day shipping.
  • In addition to the existing 90-day return policy, Target Red Cardholders receive 30 extra days to return their purchases.
  • They receive special items, gifts, and offers.
  • They get same-day delivery options while shopping at
  • After downloading the Target app, they can browse through their phones to scan items for discounts and save money.
  • The store has a price match guarantee policy. If you bought something and found the product at a lower price within 14 days of the purchase, you can bring the proof and Target will lower your payment as well.

Sounds like a good deal to you? Scroll down and follow the login/registration guide for registration and Target RedCard login.

How to Target Red Card Steps Login?

Below are the simple steps for the Target redcard sign in.

Step 1. Go to RedCard homepage or click here.

Step 2. Once you are in Manage my RedCard homepage, you should see a login form.

Step 3. Type in your Username and Password at the respective places.

Step 3. After entering the details, click on the ‘Sign In’ option.

Target RedCard Login Page

The RedCard login process is quick, easy, and simple. However, in case you forgot your password or username for Target RedCard login, you can follow the steps below to reset the password/username.

How to Recover Target Red Card Login Username?

Step 1. Go to RedCard homepage or click here.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Forgot your username or password’ option in the left bottom corner of the page.

RedCard Forgot Password or Username

Step 3. Once you have clicked on the ‘Forgot your username and password?’ option, you will be redirected to a page as seen below.

RedCard Forgot Username or Password Page

Step 4. If you have forgotten your username, click on the ‘Forgot Username’ option.

Step 5. Type your Email address and ‘Submit.’

Step 6. You will receive an email from Target that guides you to retrieve your Username.

How to Reset Target Red Card Login Password?

The process to recover or reset forgotten Target Red Card password is similar to that of recovering Username

Step 1. Go to RedCard homepage or click here.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Forgot your username or password’ option in the left bottom corner of the page.

Step 3. Now Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

Step 4. Type in your Email address and then click on ‘Submit’ button.

Step 5. You will be receiving an email with reset password link. Follow the link and change your Target Red Card password.

How to Register/Activate Target RedCard?

If you want to register for Target RedCard then please follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Go to Target Homepage or click here.

Step 2. You will see two options: Apply for Credit and Apply for Debit.

Step 3. Click on the suitable Red Card for you. Or if you are unsure which to choose, click the link below the card option “Which RedCard is right for you?“. Or check the information regarding both cards below:

Compare Target Credit and Debit Card

Step 4. Let’s say you applied for the Target credit card. Once you click on the ‘Apply for credit’ option, you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill in your name, email address, phone number, and residential address.

Step 5. Then you will need to verify your Identity and Income.

Step 6. You will then get to review terms and create a pin.

That’s all. You should receive an email from Target regarding the further process, such as collecting the card. The process to apply for Target debit card is also like that of the Target credit card.

Or you can call the registration number 1-888-755-5856 to apply for Target Red Card.

How to Make a Target RED card Payment?

There are four ways to make your Red Card Credit Card payment:

  1. First is making payments online.
    • Go to and login using your username and password and make an online payment.
  2. Second is by calling Target.
    • You can call 800-659-2396. They will guide you through the payment process.
  3. Third is by visiting Target Store.
    • Go to Guest Service Counter at any target store and provide your card or a billing statement to the associate. He/she will look up your account and you can make the payment right there.
  4. Last method is through Mail.
    • You can simply mail the payment to the address on your billing statement.

How to deactivate your Target Red Card?

There are two ways to deactivate your Target Red Card.

  1. You can revoke your authorization and deactivate your card by calling the toll-free number (888) 729-7331.
  2. Or write to the address: Target Corporation, c/o Financial and Retail Services, P.O. Box 9491, Minneapolis, MN, 55440.

How to delete your Target RED Card account?

  1. To delete your Target RED Card account, call Target Customer Service at 800-591-3869.
  2. You will hear an automated voice but once you are redirected to the customer service representative, ask them to cancel/delete your Target RED Card account for you.

Thank you for reading our article on Target RedCard. We hope you have found all the answer you were looking for. Please leave us your feedback and recommendation on the comment section below.

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