Rite Aid Hub: Guideline & Overview

Rite Aid has an online web portal for their employee to access information.

Employees after receiving their ID and password can easily log in to their account.

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Company Name Rite Aid Corporation
President and CEO Heyward Donigan
Benefits Service Center 1-800-343-1390
Official Website
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With the online Rite Aid portal employees can check for their pay stubs, leaves, or report any problem anonymously they are facing a work front.

Rite Aid Corporation is an American pharmacy chain located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA.

It was founded in 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Alex Grass under the name Thrift D Discount Center.

The company was ranked 94th in the list of the largest US corporations in terms of Fortune 500 revenue in 2018.

Rite Aid is currently the largest pharmacy chain on the East Coast and the third-largest pharmacy chain in the United States.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy are:

  • It’s a 100 digital platform and register online without any paperwork.
  • Check for your pay stubs, receive discounts on your medical bill, track the record of your leaves, apply for the leave.
  • It’s a complete contactless process that is favorable at the time of this pandemic.
  • The portal has also enabled registration for COVID 19 vaccination so employees can also benefit from the feature.
  • Employees can manage their accounts and see the details and updates of the company from the comfort of their home at their preferred time.
  • The employees can schedule their leave online, basically, all the procedures will be digitalized, efficient.
  • The database is safe and secure.

How To Sign Up for Rite Aid Hub?

You don’t need to register for Rite Aid employee login, As you enroll, the administration will assign you your Employer Id and PIN

You will receive your login details and your PIN in your email.

All your employment details will also be mailed to you.

As soon as you receive your employment and login details, it is wise to change your PIN so no one in the company can have access to your account and it remains more private and secure.

How To Sign in to Rite Aid Account?

If this is your first time using Rite Aid Benefits Service Center, your should find your login instructions along with the default Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the enrollment worksheet.

Check your email, If you need assistance accessing the system, simply call the Rite Aid Benefits Service Center at 1-800-343-1390.

After you receive your Employee ID and PIN, you can easily sign in to your account using the methods mentioned below:


  • Enable pop-ups to ensure the My Benefits Center functions properly.
  • Use Compatible Browser: Recommended Internet Explorer 11+, Chrome 20+ or Safari

1. First, visit Rite AID My Benefits Center website @ https://riteaid.benefitcenter.com. You can copy-paste the URL into your web browser.

Rite Aid My Benefits Center Login

2. Once you land on the homepage, you should see the login form. Enter your *Employee ID and PIN.

3. Click on the Log In button after you have entered the login credentials.

*If you do not know your Employee ID and/or your Pin, you can access the Rite Aid Benefits center by logging into Rite Aid’s The Hub website @ thehub.riteaid.com 

To access the benefits center please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First, visit Rite AID The Hub website @ thehub.riteaid.com.

Rite Aid TheHub.riteaid.com raportal.riteaid.com

2. Login using your User ID and Password.

3. After logging in, go to My Benefits and then click the Rite Aid Benefits Website link.


In case you forget your Personal Identification Number(PIN) or a password to your Rite Aid account, then you can easily reset it online using the method explained below:

1.Visit the Rite Aid benefits center login page.

Rite Aid - Reset Password

2. Then, under Support click on Forgot My PIN option.

Rite Aid - Forgot My PIN

3. On the new screen, authenticate by entering your Employee ID.

5. Check the I'm not a robot box and click on the Continue button.

6. Finally, follow the instructions given on the screen to reset your PIN.

If you want to change the PIN/Password provided to you by the company, then you can do so by following the method explained below:

1. Go to Rite Aid's My Benefits Center website @ https://riteaid.benefitcenter.com

Rite Aid Change Password

2. Underneath Support, click on the Change My PIN option.

Rite Aid - Change My PIN Password

2. Enter your Employee ID, current PIN, New PIN, and re-enter the new PIN.

3. Verify CAPTCHA by clicking on the checkbox.

4. Finally, click on the Submit button and follow the instruction to change your PIN.

Note: PIN must be numeric, should be between 6 to 10 digits. It should not contain more than two repeating characters and there should be no space or non-numeric characters.

As long as you are an employee of Rite Aid, you will have access to the Rite Aid employee account login portal.

However, if you resign from the company and no longer want the company to have your data and information stored in their database, then you can request the administration to delete your account.

For any type of help, you can contact on simply call the Rite Aid Benefits Service Center at 1-800-343-1390.

If you do not know your Employee ID and/or your PIN, you can still access the My Benefits Center website by first visiting thehub.riteaid.com. Once you are logged in using your User Id and Password, go to -> My Benefits and then select the Rite Aid Benefits Website link.

If you run into any issues and need assistance accessing the web portal, please contact the Rite Aid Benefits Service Center at 1-800-343-1390.

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