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PillPack is an online pharmacy that ships drugs packaged in custom rolls to its patients’ homes. It redesigns the pharmacy experience using a daily pill pack dispenser and smart software.

TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen launched a pharmacy concept designed to make it easier for the more than thirty million Americans who take more than five pills a day to manage and take their medications.

PillPack Login

In 2018, Amazon acquired the online pharmacy and entered the healthcare management service.

Customers use the PillPack website to order their prescriptions and inform the pharmacy of their medical and insurance. According to PillPack, the process of ordering takes less than five minutes.

Once the customer has registered, PillPack sorts the medications and packages them in a strip of individual, recyclable packages arranged in chronological order. The company ships the prescription drugs within fourteen days

PillPack brings the revolution in the pharmacy world, identifying the needs of millions of Americans. It offers numerous benefits apart from ease of use and delivery of needed drugs at the doorstep of its consumers.

1. On each pack, which corresponds to a daily dose, a list of the pills it contains, and the administration guidelines are printed. The patient no longer must worry about reminders and refills. All you need to do is cut up the packet that corresponds to you each day and takes the medication it contains, following the printed directions.

2. The dispenser box, which is supplied together with other medicines that cannot be packaged, such as liquids and inhalers, is recyclable and presents a simple graphic with infographics of each pill on the back, designed to simplify the information given to it.

3. Four weeks before the last scheduled refill for a prescription, PillPack pharmacists contact the patient’s physician to discuss the refill. If a new guideline needs to be added to an order, PillPack provides a tentative supply that is automatically included in the next shipment.

Sign up/Register to PillPack Pharmacy

Before you start using PillPack service, you need to register in their online portal by the following process explained below:

1. Vist the link https://my.pillpack.com/signup from your browser and enter all the information asked on the page. Such as your legal first and last name, email address, password, mobile number, and also mention how you heard about PillPack pharmacy.
2. One of the options that this online pharmacy provides is you can also link your caregiver or family member to your account. If you want to do so, you can check the box that reads Invite a Caregiver.
3. If you decide to include your caregiver, you have to enter their email address. An invitation link will then be sent to your caregiver’s email address.
4. Verify the CAPTCHA and click on NEXT.
5. Next, you have to create your profile so click on CONTINUE.
6. Mention your shipping address, street, zip code, etc., and click NEXT.
7. On the next page that appears on the screen, you have to fill in your personal information; click on NEXT after entering all the information required.
8. On the next page, specify your doctor’s name and add your insurance details.
9. Then add your prescription vitamins, choose the dispenser you want.
10. After providing all the required information, your profile is set up. A verification link will be sent to your email address; click on it and verify your email address. Now you can log in to your PillPack account and order your medications.

Sign in/ Login

After creating your PillPack account, all that is left to do is sign in to your account to explore all the features that the website provides and pace your order. To sign in, follow the process mentioned below:

1. Go to https://app.pillpack.com/login?redirect_url=%2Fdashboard from your browser and enter your email address and password.
2. Tap on SIGN IN to log in to your PillPack account.


As for the payment method accepted by PillPack, the online pharmacy accepts VISA cards, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and American Express. You must add the payment option and specify the information when you sign up for their service.

1. After you specify your prescription and vitamins, selecting the dispenser, the system will ask you to provide the payment options.
2. Specify the card number and click on FINISH SIGNING UP.
3. It will verify your card with a 1$ test charge.

If you desire to add a new payment option or edit the last one you have provided during registration, you can do so with the following simple method:

1. log in to your account as explained above and add your bank details if you want to pay through your bank accounts.
2. Basically, they charge every 30 days, however, if you want to choose a specific date to pay, then inform them by contact in 855-745-5725.
3. Click on Order and Billing that you can see on top of the screen, scroll down, and click on Payment Method.
4. Select the type of payment account you want to add: debit/credit card, bank account, or Visa card.
5. Provide the information as asked according to your preference, click on Add Card.

If you forget the password to your Pillpack account, follow the methods explained below to reset your password:

1. Go to the link https://app.pillpack.com/login?redirect_url=%2Fdashboard from your browser and click on I FORGOT MY PASSWORD.
2. Specify the email address that you have entered during the registration process and click on SEND RESET LINK.
3. After verification of your email address, a reset link will be sent to your email address.
4. Click on the reset link and reset your password.

If you forget your email address or face any kind of dilemma, you can contact their customer support, who works 24/7 to provide you with optimal service. For this, you can call them on 855-745-5725, or you can write them at:

1. Go to https://help.pillpack.com/hc/en-us/requests/new link and enter your email address, subject of your query, description of your problem; if any attachment is there, for example, a new prescription, you can also attach the file.
2. Then click on SUBMIT.
3. If you want to close your account, you can use this method and specify a valid reason for closing your account.
4. The customer support staff will contact you within 24 hrs.

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