OkCupid: Free Online Dating Login Guide

OkCupid is a dating website for dating, friendship, romances, casual relationships, and much more, which has millions of users around the world.

In OkCupid you will find different profiles of users who have answered a good number of questions and who may have coincidences with other people, thus allowing you to create the conditions for possible encounters in search of the ideal partner.

okcupid login guideline

Human Rainbow, Inc. owned the OkCupid website, but in 2011 InterActiveCorp acquired the OkCupid dating site through its subsidiary: Match Group. Officially, OkCupid is based in New York, United States. The OkCupid site debuted on January 19, 2004.

The app was launched in 2012, making it the first dating site with an app available.

The interface of the dating site is applaudable.

You cannot talk about the site without appreciating the attractive and creative design.

OkCupid never stops refreshing the site/app.

The combination of different shades of blue, white, and a hint of pink helps the look simple and elegant.

Not only is it easy to use; navigation is stupidly simple too.

You can easily locate all the functions available to all users in the top menu.

So it’s not just attractive; it is also intuitive.

The roulette-type matchmaking system (Double Take) adds a unique aesthetic value to the site.

Simply put, OkCupid is absolutely minimalist and the level of organization is top-notch.

Dare to say that it is the best we have seen so far.

The benefits are as follows:

  1. It suits everyone regardless of sexual orientation or any other factor;
  2. Sending and receiving messages with basic membership;
  3. The subscription is quite affordable;
  4. Precise search function that helps specificity in search results;
  5. Accurate and relevant compatibility questions.
  6. Supports many languages, such as English, German, Spanish, etc.
  7. It is available in about 190 countries around the world. Well, OkCupid has successfully proven that its success is not based on location. It has replicated its achievements around the world.

A complete guide to using okcupid login Account.

If you are looking for the complete guide and step-by-step method to log in, navigate, reset account, delete the account, and payment method, then you have come to the right place.

Here we have tried to give you complete guidance on using OkCupid login page.

If you are new to Okcupid dating website, then here is the method with which you can register on the site and create a new account:

  1. Go to okcupid login page: https://www.okcupid.com/ and click the Join OkCupid button.
  2. On the page that will appear you must put your email and click Next.
  3. On the next page you need to create a password for your OkCupid account and then click Sign Up.
  4. In the next step, you are advised that you must fill in certain data for your profile. Let's start with the basics. Click Next.
  5. Continue the process by typing your first name and clicking Next.
  6. On the next page you must put your gender whether it is male or female. By clicking on More Options you can also choose from a series of options related to sexual identity. After choosing, click Next.
  7. On the next page you must put the date you were born. Then click Next.
  8. We continue with the country and city where you grew up. Click Next.
  9. What follows is the page with the title: Who are you looking for? There you should mention what you are looking for. Click Next.
  10. The relationship options you want to establish will appear on the next page. After you choose, click Next.
  11. You must choose the type of person you are looking for. I am looking for ...Then click Next.
  12. What comes next is to define the age range of those people who may interest you. After selecting that range, click Next.
  13. Say things about yourself so other people can get to know you. Click Next.
  14. In the next step you will be asked to add multiple photos. Once you've done that, click Next.
  15. From there you will have to continue answering a series of questions to define your matches. Click Matches again after answering the questions and choose Match Search.
  16. A page of potential matches will appear, their profiles, and the percentage of matches they have with the same answers.
  17. Click on a profile to see if you like the person. Send a wink or an email in the system's internal messaging system. The site will send an email to let you know if the person is sending a message back to you.
  18. By doing all that, you are already part of OkCupid.com

After creating an account, you can sign in to your account by the following methods:

  1. From your computer's browser, go to okcupid login page: https://www.okcupid.com/ and click Sign in.
  2. A window will appear for you to log in with your email and password in case you are already registered. You also have the option to enter with your cell phone number or Facebook.

The most common problem when logging into the OkCupid account can occur if you have not logged in for a long time and have forgotten your password. In that case, you just have to go to okcupid login page: https://www.okcupid.com  and do the following:

  1. Click Sign in
  2. In the window where you log in with your email and password, at the bottom there is a link that says Forgot password. Click there.
  3. A new window will appear to change your password or password. Put the email you registered in OkCupid and wait for the link in your email so you can create a new password and log back into your OkCupid.com account.

If you want to change your username to a new one, then you have to open the website on a PC or use the mobile app. You can’t change your Username through a mobile website. Follow the method as detailed below to change your username:

  1. After okcupid login, click on the SETTINGS option or the Pencil icon which you can see at the top of your profile next to the displayed name.
  2. Then click on EDIT and type the new username, and click on SAVE.

It is a rule that dating sites have free membership options alongside premium membership. OkCupid grants access to basic features for free. But the advanced features come at a price. 


  1. Basic accounts are not that limited on this dating site. Without a doubt, you can find a perfect match without paying a penny. With free memberships, here is a list of features you can access:


  1. Messaging - You can send and receive messages for free. Well, the only cost is mutual.
  2. Likes: Likes notifications are also free. However, you can't get a list of people who first liked you without a subscription.
  3. Double Take - A compiled list of possible matches based on your specification completes the package.


  1. Everyone loves a little spice, and the Premium membership adds flavor and increases your profile needs. Premium membership gives you:
  2. Impulses - Get more attention on the OkCupid dating site. Imagine getting a day's views in 15 minutes. You can buy in bulk or individually.
  3. Read Recipients - Well, you can tell who is avoiding you and who is too busy to reply.


Here is the pricing list:


  1. $ 7.75 monthly;
  2. $ 6.35 per month for three months, amounting to $ 19.05;
  3. $ 3.95 per month for six months, in the amount of $ 23.07.


The official website of OkCupid is www.okcupid.com

If you are under 18 years old, then OkCupid is not for you, or let's just say you can't register. The legal age required to register is 18 years old according to the terms and conditions. Other than that, registering a new account in OkCupid is easy. All you need to do is enter your personal information that we have already mentioned above and you're good to go.

The registration process is carried out by the administration of Walgreens, and you as an employee will be provided with your Email ID and password.

Most of the features of OkCupid is free but for some features, you have to pay for which you can follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Login to your account and click on the PAYMENT option and choose the plan you want to purchase.
  2. Then mention your payment information such as your card details, address, and other billing information.
  3. Then click on PAY.


  • Most of the features are free
  • Strong profiles
  • Great Identification option.


  • Search function sometimes doesnot show exact result.
  • video chat is not available

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