NYS Unemployment: Overview & Guidelines

NYS unemployment login: In this article, we will try to provide all the details and guides necessary to successfully login online and claim your NY Unemployment benefits.

During this pandemic the New York State Department of Labour
(DOL) has recently launched a new application for Unemployment benefits. It is an initiative to help the state people who have lost their job or those that were not traditionally eligible for unemployment benefits to receive financial assistance until they find a job. If you looking to file to claim unemployment benefits then please read this article properly.

NYS Unemployment Benefits

The benefit you could receive depends on your recent income and the state you live in. The benefits could range from about $200 to $550 per week, on average, and generally replaces about 40% of wages. Due to a large number of requests, the time to file your initial claim might take a few days to get processed. Once approved, your first payment will reach your bank account in two or three weeks by direct deposit.

The eligibility for unemployment assistance also varies by state. Not all part-time workers are eligible for unemployment benefits. And contractors and freelancers often don’t, although Congress has created a pandemic unemployment assistance program (PUA) that covers them temporarily.

By going through this article you will know and learn to do following things:

  • Understand Eligibility Criteria for Unemployment benefits.
  • Different type of Benefits you can claim for.
  • Information required to claim NYS Unemployment benefits.
  • Apply for NYS Unemployment benefits online.
  • Create ny.gov account.
  • Weekly Certify online via New York DOL website.
  • Reset/Recover Password and Username.
  • Cancel Unemployment benefit.

For you to be eligible to apply for Unemployment benefits in New York State, you should:

  • Have worked in New York State and earned enough wages.
  • Your job should not have been terminated for misconduct on your part. If you were laid off due to the impacts of the corona-virus, you meet that requirement.
  • You must be willing to work as soon as you get the job on the first opportunity.
  • You should be actively looking for a job that best suits you and pays you well.
  • If you are not eligible for unemployment benefits because you are self-employed, independent contractors, farmers, workers with limited work history, and others, but are unable to work due to pandemic health emergency, you may now be eligible through Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).
  • But you will not be eligible for PUA if you can remotely work or work through telephone or if you are receiving paid sick leave or other paid leave benefits.

Benefits of NYS Unemployment

New York State Unemployment has two benefit programs, Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) . Details of each benefit are as follows:

1. Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI)

If you have worked in New York State in the past 18 months, you can apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI). You can qualify for monthly benefits for up to 26 weeks until you find a job. You will get the following benefits as per the rule:

  • Typically, the UI allowance ranges from $ 100 to $ 500 per week, depending on the previous salary.
  • You may automatically be eligible for an additional 13 weeks of UI benefits (for a total of 39 weeks) through the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program.
  • You may also be automatically eligible for an additional $ 600 per week through July 31, 2020, through the Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC) program.
  • PUC benefits do not count towards your income to determine eligibility for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
  • For immigrants to receive the UI, they must be working legally at the time they lose their job and have a legal work permit at the time they apply.

    2. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

    • For individuals who generally did not meet the criteria for regular UI, including part-time workers, self-employed workers, independent contractors, and those who have recently not worked. They can get the following benefits:
    • Benefits can be paid for up to 39 weeks of unemployment.
    • Pay-outs are calculated based on recent earnings and are raised by $ 600 per week until July 31, 2020.
    • The normal weekly waiting period for benefits has been canceled.
    • Benefits can be paid for past periods of unemployment starting from January 27, 2020.

    Information required to claim NYS Unemployment benefits?

    If you are claiming for the NYS Unemployment benefits for the first time, you should have the following documents with you:

    • Social security Number.
    • Phone number.
    • Driver license or Motor Vehicle ID card number.
    • Complete Mailing address including city and zip code.
    • Bank account number and along with routing number.
    • If you are not a US citizen, then your Alien Registration card number.
    • If you were employed previously, provide the names and addresses of your employers for the last 18 months, include information of other states employer’s information as well.
    • Employer Registration number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of your most recent employer.
    • If you were a federal employee, then copies of forms SF8 and SF50
    • If you were military, the most recent separation form
    • If you are self-employed provide, net annual income from your most recent filed tax year. This can be found on your 1040 tax form, Schedule C, line 31.

    How to apply for NYS Unemployment benefits online?

    You can apply online to receive unemployment benefits, but to apply first you will need to create a ny.gov account. By creating an online account, You can access Unemployment Online Services and also will be receiving updates on your account, registering for direct deposits. So, let’s create an account at www.ny.gov. If you already have an account then please skip the below section and go here. You can also apply via phone but we will not be covering that here.

    1. Create an NY.gov Account?

    You will only need to create an account once, so proceed If you are a new user and looking to receive NYS Unemployment benefits.

    Step 1. First, go to the New York government website, or click here to direct you to that page.

    Labor ny gov sign in page

    Step 2. As shown in the image above, once the page loads up, click on “NY.gov Account”?

    Step 3. Once you have clicked that, your application process will start.
    Step 4. Please answer the question that’s asked and press Continue until you complete the process.

    That’s it you have now created a ny.gov account and now you will be able to apply for Unemployment benefits online. Below is a guide that will assist you to apply for Unemployment benefits.

    How to Apply for NY Unemployment benefits?

    Step 1. Visit NYS unemployment login portal or click here to login.

    Step 2. You now should be on the login screen as shown below.

    NYS Labor ny gov login page

    Step 3. Please login using your ny.gov Username and Password.

    Step 4. Once you have been logged in, you should see a welcome screen with your first and last name.

    Step 5. You will also see the File A Claim button on the screen, click the button to begin your claim.

    NYS unemployment FILE A CLAIM

    Step 6. Firstly, you will see the general instructions and information you should have on hand to file your claim. Please reads the instructions carefully and proceed by selecting the continue button.

    Step 7. After continuing, on the next page, you will be asked your Social Security number, enter your SSN and click on the NEXT button.

    Step 8. Now create your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Remember the PIN and also please make sure not to share this number with anyone. You will need this number every time you
    Try to access your claims processing system.

    Step 9. On the same page, you will also need to enter your Mother’s Maiden Name. Confirm it by re-entering and then click NEXT.

    Step 10. On the next screen, you will see a list of Terms & Conditions. Please read them and then click on the I AGREED button to continue.

    Step 11. Now you will be asked a series of questions regarding your last 18 months of employment. This will depend on your situation and also will ask the appropriate questions.

    Step 12. After you have answered all the questions, you will land on the Weekly Certification screen for the week in which you are filing.

    Step 13. Answer the question correctly and then click on NEXT.

    Step 14. You will now be asked the Payment method you prefer. From the drop-down menu select either Debit card or Direct Deposit.

    • Direct Deposit: It is the fastest and easiest way to receive unemployment benefits. If you choose this method of payment then provide your Bank account details.
    • Debit Card: Provide your debit card details.

    Step 15. The last step is reviewing your claim, if you need to make any changes select edit. Once you have reviewed it and all looks good click on the Submit button.

    Step 16. After submitting, you will see a confirmation page. It includes important information so make sure to print and read them.

    Step 17. You have completed your claim and it will be on the Pending state. The DOL will take time to process your first claim as they will review your application and information.


    Once you have completed all the process, DOL will update you regularly regarding your claim. Make sure the call is from DOL and provide them with the necessary information and you should probably be receiving your payment within 3 business days if you are eligible.

    You will also be receiving a determination letter that will suggest whether you are eligible for UI or PUA. And also on how much payments benefit you will be receiving. Your account status now will change from Pending to Payable.

    And finally, make sure you continue to login into your DOL account for weekly certifications so that you continue receiving your unemployment benefits on weekly basis. Failure to do so will result in the cessation of payment.

    How to Certify every week for Unemployment Benefits?

    There is two way to certify, one is via online, and other is making a telephone call. Online is the easiest and fasted way of certifying.

    Online Certify:

    Step 1. You can certify by logging online on New Your Labor Website, or click on this link.

    Step 2. Sign in using your Ny.gov Username and Password.

    Step 2. Look for the Unemployment Services button. Simply click on the button and follow the instruction given.

    NYS Online Weekly Certify

    Weekly Certify Via Phone:

    • For UI Benefit certification call at 888-581-5812.
    • FOR PUA Benefit certification call at 833-324-0366

    How to Reset the Username and password?

    Step 1. To reset or recover your Username and Password, visit the nys unemployment login link here.

    Step 2. If you have forgotten your username then click on the Username link or Password if you want to reset your password. Please refer to the image below:

    NYS unemployment Change Password or Forgot Username

    1. Forgot Labor NY.GOV Username?

    • If you want to recover Username, click on the Username link as mentioned above. Doing so will take you to a new tab.
    • On the new screen, Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email and click on the box “I’m not a robot”.
    • Now follow the CAPTCHA rules and press on VERIFY button.
    • And at the end, click on Email me the Username button.
    • You should receive an email with your Username.

    2. Forgot DOL NY.GOV Password?

    • If you want to reset your ny.gov password, then click on the Password link on the login page.
    • After the new tab opens, read the instruction and enter your Username.
    • Again, check the box I’m not a robot and click on the CONTINUE button.
    • A verification link will be sent to your email address, click on it, and complete the process.
    • You will then receive a temporary password, login into your account using the password, and click on the SIGN IN button.

    How to Cancel NYS Unemployment login?

    If you have found a new job, then you no longer are eligible for receiving the NYS Unemployment benefits. Therefore, you will need to cancel your claim so that other unfortunate people can benefit. To cancel your claim, please read the following options:

    • Call, send a letter or email to DOL informing them that you have found a new job.
    • The easiest way would stop certifying your weekly claims.
    • Go to New Your Labor website, or click on this link. After the page loads up. sign in.
    • On the new screen, find the DEACTIVATE button and click on it.
    • The page will ask you for a confirmation, if you are sure then click on the DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT button.

    In these hard times, New York State has been providing unemployment to people in need. We hope that this article has helped you in providing all the correct information to file for benefit claims. For more info, you can also visit the New York Labor official homepage. Please leave us your suggestions and feedback in the comment section below. Thank you.

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