MyBestWestern: Overview & Guidelines For Employee Portal is an online web portal of Best Western Hotel & Resorts for the benefits of its employees.

Best Western Hotel & Resorts was founded on M.K. Guertin in 1946 and it’s corporate headquarter is in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

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Company Best Western® Hotels & Resorts
Industry Hospitality
Headquarters Phoenix, Arizona
Official Website
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Since 1946 they have grown to be a huge brand attracting other hotels and resort to affiliate with them and also acquiring others making them one of the largest chains of Hotels and Resorts in the world.

The franchise now has over 4,500 hotels worldwide and more 2,000 in North America alone.

Currently, the president of this franchise is David Kong and the chief marketing officer is Dorothy Dowling.

Best Western has its hotels and resorts in countries like Canada, Australia, Mexico, UK, Myanmar, and New-Zealand. As of now, it operates as a non-profit and owned by its franchisee members.

To enjoy the benefits, you first must be an employee of Best Western Hotel & Resorts.

  • Through this online portal, employees can be notified about their payroll.
  • View employee account information.
  • Notices regarding work schedules.
  • Access to the latest news and tools.
  • They can also be notified about bonuses and keep track of OT allowances.
  • It also allows the employee to view schemes offered by the Best Western.
  • Mybestwestern Employee portal is also available on mobile devices.

How To Login MyBestWestern Portal?

MyBestWestern Portal Login
  1. Go to, or simply click on this link.
  2. Once the MyBestWestern Login page loads, you will see your member portal.
  3. Enter your ‘Login ID’ which should be your employee ‘ID’.
  4.  Enter the password and then click on the Login button.
  5. Make sure you have entered the correct information.
  6. After you enter the User ‘Login ID’ and password you will be redirected to new web navigation.
  7. So after you type user ID and Password and enter ‘Login’ then you will be redirected to new web navigation.
  8. Inside your account, you will have the ability to customize your settings and preferences.
  9. Here you will get notices about your work schedule and many beneficiary notifications too.

How To Reset the Password of Mybestwestern Login Portal?

MyBestWestern Portal Reset
  1. Go to MyBestWestern Login, or simply click on this link.
  2. Click on the link that says ‘Forgot Password?‘.
  3. A new page will load up.
  4. Once the page loads you will be asked for your ‘User ID’.
  5. Now click on ‘OK’ to proceed.
  6. On the next step, you will need to answer two security questions. After answering them simply click on ‘OK’.
  7. Now you should be able to reset your new password.
  8. Enter a new password and confirm that password.
  9. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  10. After completing all the steps you have successfully managed to reset your password.
  11. Hence after this, you will complete the Mybestwestern Password reset steps.

Customer Care

If you have any other problem or the above solutions didn’t work then please do contact the Customer Support team of Mybestwestern.

Tel No: 800-528-1902

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