MyBalanceNow:Overview & Guidelines is an online web portal implemented by Target Corp that allows customers with Prepaid Gift Cards to view their balance.

We all know how difficult it is to keep track of prepaid card balance.

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And, also because most merchants are unable to check the balance which makes it tricky to go shopping without knowing the balance of our card.

This is why Target introduced the Mybalancenow platform which makes it easier and convenient to check gift card balances online and without the need to visit the store.

Target is a chain of retail stores across the United States offering a wide variety of food and general merchandise—from clothing to household goods to electronics and toys.

So, there are many people using gift cards to make purchases. To make it convenient for customers to shop, Target launched the MyBalancenow website.

Target now offers 3 Prepaid Gift Cards which are as follows:

  • Target Visa Gift Card
  • Target Mastercard Gift Card
  • Target Visa Prepaid Gift Card

To check the balance or expiration date of Visa & Mastercard, you will need to log into Mybalancenow.

A complete guide to using mybalancenow

Here we have tried to give you complete guidance on using mybalancenow Target website.

Target Prepaid Gift Cards are very similar to a Bank card that can be used inside the United States and District of Columbia where Visa debit cards or Debit Mastercard are accepted. But it has some restrictions such as you cannot use it on ATM, or to receive cash advances. You also can't use this card to get cashback at the point of sale. The Card is not reloadable and you cannot transfer your funds. Also, Target's prepaid gift card never expires and is valid until you have some balance on your card.

Likewise, you may or may not need a PIN to use your Card, if you want you can add a PIN to your Card. To add a PIN, simply select a 4-digit number of your choice during your first debit or PIN transaction. This number you entered will be your PIN for all future PIN transactions.

Some of the benefits of having Target Prepaid gift cards are as follows:

  • Can pay for online purchases.
  • Can be used wherever Visa Debit and Debit Master Card are accepted.
  • No need to provide personal information.
  • No extra fees.
  • No expiry date. Gift cards Are valid until the balance becomes zero.
  • No additional fee for a replacement card.

To be able to log in to Mybalancenow Target, you will need to have the following details:

  1. 16 digit card number.
  2. The expiration date of the card (MM/YY).
  3. 3-digit CVV number present on the back-side of the card.

mybalancenow target CCV

All Target Gift Cards are activated by the cashier at the time of purchase. Please remember to write down the Card number and the Customer Service Number on a separate piece of paper in case the card is lost or stolen.

You do not need to register or create an account on All you need is your gift card and that should be sufficient for you to log into the web portal.

Assuming you have all the details necessary to log into mybalancenow Target website, you can follow the procedures below to log in.

  • Enter on your browser or click here.

mybalancenow target Login page

  • Once the website loads up, you should see the login form.
  • First, enter your valid card number.
  • Then enter your expiration date(MMYY)
  • And, enter the 3-digit CCV. You can find it at the back of the card.
  • After you have entered your details, click the Sign-In button.

If all your credentials are correct you will be directed to your page where you can view your balance. Also, you can view your transaction history.

If you think that your Target Visa, Mastercard, or American Express Gift Card has been lost or stolen, you will need to notify Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

You will then need to provide the card number and other identifying information. If you do not have the card number, then an original receipt showing the purchase of the card should be sufficient.

If you have a balance on the card, then American Express, Mastercard, or Visa will cancel the lost or stolen card and refund the available value to you in the form of another Target Visa, Mastercard, or American Express gift card.

Note, there's no fee for replacing a lost or stolen card.

The initial purchase fee is the only fee associated with the Card. There are no other Card usage or maintenance fees for this Card.

Card Value                 Purchase Fee

$25 Card                    $4.00

$50 Card                    $5.00

$100 Card                  $6.00

$200 Card                  $6.00

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