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McKesson Connect Login: The company soon started an online portal for its consumers so they can order their pharmaceutical requirements 24X7 from their own comfort.

It also provides the ability of bar code scanning for distribution, pharmacy robotics, and RFID tags.

mckesson connect login

You can view all your purchase history, access the features provided by the company, and place orders at affordable rates through their online portal.

McKesson runs a business dedicated to improving health around the world. It has played a vital role in the healthcare industry since its founding in 1833 in New York, USA.

The company is engaged in distributing medical supplies and various pharmaceutical products. McKesson serves about 50% of hospitals in the United States. It also serves 25% of doctors and 100% of insurance policies.

The company was founded as Olcott and McKesson by Charles Olcott and John McKesson. They started their own business of importing and wholesale of various medical products. After several years, it was renamed McKesson and Robbins.

In 2013, McKesson Corporation was named America’s Most Respected Company in the World. And in 2012, the corporation received the Distribution Management Award. CEO McKesson is one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Healthcare Industry.

1. You can easily return your orders if not according to your purchase
2. You can perform interdepartmental billing
3. You can select from a vast range of pharmaceutical products and supply receiving accounts payables
4. You can easily view your purchase history
5. You can place orders through your mobiles or tablets
6. View real-time pricing and availability
7. View order status
8. Run reports to analyze purchasing trends

However, you need to follow some rules, terms, and conditions if you want to use the online portal login.

1. McKesson provides its consumers with a valid Username and Password, which you can’t share with anyone else.
2. To obtain a valid Username and Password, you must be a customer or partner of the company.

Steps to Receive USERNAME and PASSWORD

If you want to request the company for your valid Username and Password, then you can contact their supply manager online. To do so, follow the methods mentioned below:

1. Visit the link and scroll to the customer login section.
2. Then click on REGISTER and enter all the information asked, including your name, address, valid email address, mobile number and specify whether you are a customer or retail pharmacy.
3. Click on the SUBMIT button; it may take 24 hours to receive the USERNAME and PASSWORD, which will be provided to the email address you mentioned during the registration process.

Steps to login to Mckesson connect login

After you have received your valid username and password to the company, you can now follow the steps mentioned below to login into your Mckesson account to place your online pharmaceutical orders:

1. Go to the site from your browser, enter your Username and Password, and tap on the Log In button.
2. Now that you have logged in to your account, explore their wide range of features and place an order.


In case you forgot the User ID or Password provided to you by the company, no problem, you can use the methods mentioned below to recover your ID or Password:

1. Visit the link from your browser and click on FORGOT YOUR USER ID/PASSWORD? Option.
2. If you remember your User ID, simply enter the ID and tap on CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS button.
3. After verification of the information you have provided, it will send you the password to your email address.
4. If you have to recover your User ID, then also enter your valid or registered email address and request to send your USER ID.
5. Your USER ID will be sent to your email address.

After you log in to your Mckesson account, you can now place an order following the steps mentioned below:

1. First, you need to identify Store Account, so tap on SELECT STORE ACCOUNT.
2. Now, check for the account you want to place an order for and click on the respective account.
3. Now, create an order, go through the item lists displayed on the screen.
4. If you don’t see your items, you can use the search option by specifying the category, item, or manufacturer.
5. Now tap on the items you want to purchase and enter a quantity.
6. Your item will be automatically added to your personal order.
7. You can review your ordered items to check for the total price, quantity and you can also delete items if you change your mind.
8. Specify your shipping address.
9. Now click on SAVE to complete an order.

If you face any difficulties while placing an order or want to request a User ID and Password, you can contact the company’s customer care support by visiting and clicking on CONTACT US Section can call them on 8004220280.

MDES login site is a functional and simple to use site with user-friendly features. If you have forgotten your username, you can easily recover it by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First, go to your MDES login page.

MDES Forgot Password

  • Underneath the password, you should see an option Forgot Password?. Click on it.

MDES Reset Password

  • Next, you will need to enter your Username and Email Address.
  • Check the box "I AM NOT A ROBOT" and click on Restore Username.

Yes, MDES does have mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices.

Also known as MS Works lets you use the MDES services on your mobile or tablet device. This mobile app provides a convenient way to search and apply for jobs, register with MDES, build an employment profile, and see job match information. Additionally, you can use the app to find the nearest WIN Job Center for in-person services.

Download MS Works for Android

Download MS Works for Apple

If you need any assistance you can contact MDES either through phone, email.

For general queries and comments, you can email @ COMMENTS@MDES.MS.GOV

Or call at 601-321-6000 or 601-493-9427.

You can also use the postal address below to send them your documents.

Office of the Governor
1235 Echelon Parkway
P.O. Box 1699
Jackson, MS 39215-1699


Mckesson is a reliable and renowned pharmaceutical company where you can individually place an order or as a retail customer.

These are a complete guide to logging into the Mckesson account and exploring and using their features.

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