Mafia Mofo: Guidelines For Account Login

Mafia Mofo is a web-based online multiplayer game based on a mafia-style RPG.

Since the game is browser-based, there’s no need for you to download any app or installer.

Mafia MoFo

It is a completely free game that offers you to choose your own path.

You can become the strongest player or a trainee at the gym or you can become the richest mobster in the game, it is completely up to you. 

The game gives you the chance to join with other mobster gangs or form a new one of your own.

There are casino games, slots, craps, lottery, betting, or a 50/50 game.

You can also commit a crime in a virtual world and live your fantasy, the harder the crime the bigger the reward.

From a killer to a drug dealer, you can become anything you want, you can travel to any new city with new options and a new game.

If you want to play on the 2nd server of Mafia Mofo, you can read here how to register and log in to Mafia Mofo Reloaded.

How to register/ Sign Up an account in Mafia Mofo?

If you are fascinated by Mafia MoFo and want to start playing Mafia Mofo games, then you have to create an account for which you can do the following:

  • First, navigate to Mafia MoFo official website:
  • Once the homepage loads up, click the Not Registered? Click HERE! option.

Regesiter Mafia MoFo

  • You will then be redirected to the Mafia MoFo Registration page.
  • Create your account by entering a username, password, and email address, and then click on I AM NOT A ROBOT.

mafia mofo signup

  • After entering all the details, click on the REGISTER button.
  • You will receive a validation link in your specified email, click on the link to verify your email address. 

That’s it, you have successfully created an account on Mafia Mofo, now you are ready to play the game.

Note: If you don’t see an email from Mafia MoFo, first wait for at least a couple of minutes, and still if you don’t see it then check your junk/bulk/spam folder.

How to Sign In/ Login to your Mafia Mofo account?

Once you have created an account, you can now easily log in to your Mafia Mofo account to start playing games of your choice. Follow the instructions mentioned below to login to Mafia MoFo:

  • Navigate to Mafia MoFo official website:

Mafia MoFo Login

  • Once on the homepage, you should see the Login form. Enter your Username and password, and click on the LOGIN MOFO button.

If you have entered the correct Login credential then you should now have successfully logged into your Mafia MoFo account.


If you can’t log in to your Mafia MoFo account because you forget your username or password, not to worry.

You can recover your account by following the instructions mentioned below:

  • Navigate to Mafia MoFo official website:
  • Click on the Login MoFo button.

Mafia MoFo Recover username and password

  • You will now be redirected to Mafia MoFo login page.
  • Click on the ACCOUNT RECOVERY option.

Mafia MoFo Account recovery

  • On the next page, enter your Email address with which you had registered.

Mafia MoFo Account Recovery steps

  • Click on SEND INFO button.
  • You will receive your username and password in your Email.

Note: If you don't see an email from Mafia MoFo, first wait for at least a couple of minutes, and still if you don't see it then check your junk/bulk/spam folder.

If you are tired of using the same username or just don't like it, you can easily change it online. Follow the steps mentioned below to change your username and know how to edit your profile:

  • Login to your Mafia Mofo account.
  • On your account home screen, under the Account section click on the EDIT PROFILE.

Mafia MoFo Edit Profile

  • On the next page, you can see four options: Rollover, UserName, Password, and Email.

Mafia MoFo Edit Profile Options

  • Click on USERNAME if that is what you want to change. Next, enter a new Username and confirm it by typing it again on the second box. Click on the CHANGE button. 
  • Similarly, if you want to change your password, you will need to select the Password settings, then enter your old password, new password, and finally confirm the change.
  • If you want to update your Email address, then from the settings, choose Email, enter your old email and a new email address and then click on the SEND button (Your old email will be replaced within 2 days.)

Are you are a noob at RPG games, if so then you might struggle at the beginning to enjoy the game. Especially in Mafia MoFo, therefore to get ahead of the game and to be a good player you can learn lot from Mafia MoFo's tutorial. To do so, log in to your account and scroll down a bit till you see the How to Play option to the right side of the page, click on it. There you go, you have landed on the most valuable content regarding Mafia MoFo, know the game entities and its attributes and start playing the game better.

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