My Kroger: How Do I Check Eschedule

Kroger Co. is the leading traditional grocery chain, which employs more than 326,000 people serving customers in 2,469 supermarkets and department stores in 31 states under two dozen different brands.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger focuses its charitable initiatives in the areas of health, wellness, and hunger eradication as well as local organizations in the communities where it operates.

how to login Kroger employee dashboard
Company Kroger
Industry Retail
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio

Kroger doesn’t only take care of its customers, but it also takes care of its thousands of employees, that’s why Kroger developed the Kroger My Eschedule login for its employees.

The employee can now view their work schedule online, their pay stub, their holiday, their shifts all in their comfort.

The employee can now login easily online to view their schedule, routine, pay stubs, holiday, and shifts just by logging in to their account.

This makes the job hassle-free, especially for the Kroger administration.

Employees often get confused when they view their work schedules.

Some employees find it difficult to remember how many paid holidays they have left, if they have been paid or not, when was the last time they have taken holidays. 

So Kroger’s eschedule is here which can relieve the stress and work burden of both the employer, administration, and employees.

This makes the job much easier and simple. The workers can now view their schedule from the comfort of their home and can determine which day they can take leave.

This way the efficiency of the staff have been increased, their productivity has been raised and the stress has been decreased

Guide for Kroger My Eschedule Login

Once you become an employee of Kroger enterprise, you will be given your ID and password synced with the system of Kroger.

So you don’t need to create your account. You only need your user ID and password. Then you can easily navigate through the site to see all the required information.

Let’s see all the methods for the usage of Kroger My Eschedule Login.

As you become an employee of Kroger, you can get your Kroger enterprise username and password from the retain or store manager. So there's no need for you to create an account. As soon as you become an employee of Kroger, you get your Official Kroger Enterprise User ID and Password that is synced with your EUID. After this follow the procedure mentioned below to login into your account:


  • Go to the link from your browser and enter your Kroger Enterprise User ID and your Kroger Employee Password.
  • If you will be using the same device for multiple ties login then you can check on the box REMEMBER ME. But keep in mind you should not share your username and password with anyone else so check this box if you are the only user of the device.
  •  Now click on the blue I AGREE button.

If you forget your password or User Id, probably you should contact your retail manager or the authority who has given you the ID and Password. If you want to do t yourself, then you have to use the computer in the office. Then follow the steps as given below:

Go to the login page with the link mentioned above, then click on the option USER ID HELP if you forget your USER ID or click on the option PASSWORD HELP.

Follow the instructions as given to you. You probably have to answer some security questions or you may have to verify your identity.

You will have access to your employee Kroger account as long as you are the employee f Kroger. Once you quit your job, you have to present your leaving certificate to the HR manager who will then delete your account signifying you no longer are an employee of Kroger.

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