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Jacquie Lawson used to be a regular illustrator at St. Martin’s School of Art and worked for over 20 years in architectural perspectives, book illustrations, and cartoons. Her venture in the ecard business began when she created an animated Christmas Card and sent it to a few of her friends. She was amazed at how the ecard gained popularity and was in demand.

Therefore, in 2001, she created few more animated cards and partnered with her nephew Mike Hughes-Chamberlain. They then created a simple website where they uploaded their cards for people to download easily. In December, she added The Snowdog animated card which was a massive hit among the people. This led to the creation of a platform with frantic programming titled jacquielawson.com. The site was launched in February of 2002 and since then it has been the best platform for people to download beautiful ecards for every occasion.

Jacquie Lawson Login
Company Name JacquieLawson
Founder Jacquie Lawson
Founded 2002
Official Website
About Us

Benefits of Jacquie Lawson login

Jacquie Lawson site is an online platform that allows you to enjoy the ecards and send them to people all over the world. By logging in Jacquie Lawson, you can take full benefits of:

  • Member can use all the features and advantages that come with the membership
  • Low membership annual fee.
  • Easy and simple to use Website.
  • Access to an unlimited number of ecards.
  • The ecards they develop are composed of natural colors and textures of paint, pencils, and paper with a beautiful musical background and animated movement.
  • Choose Ecards for every occasion.

Complete Guide to Jacquie Lawson Login

If you have just come to know about the popular Jacquie Lawson Ecards and want to try it yourself, then you have come to the right place. Here we will show all the basics to get you started from registration to becoming a Jacquie Lawson member.

NOTE: Official Jacquie Lawson Website is www.jacquielawson.com/.

If you are new to Jacquie Lawson login and haven't created an account yet, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Visit Jacquie Lawson official Website or click here

Step 2. You should now be on the Registration Page as shown in the image below.

JacquieLawson_Registration Page

Step 3. Fill-up the registration form, enter your Name, Email Address, create a Password of a minimum of 6 characters. You will need to confirm your email and password by re-entering them on the corresponding text boxes.

Step 4. After entering all the details, click on the box that says I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THE PRIVACY AND COOKIES POLICY OF jacquielawson.com. Then click on the Submit button.

Step 5. If all the entered details are correct then you should see a confirmation message on the screen like the one below.


It's easy, you are now a registered user. Use your registered email address and password to log into Jacquie Lawson card.

You can only log into Jacquie Lawson Ecard website after you have registered. If you haven't registered, read the above process and register.

For Jacquie Lawson login, follow the steps below:

Step 1.Go to the Jacquie Lawson official website from your web browser, or click here.

Step 2. From the homepage click on the Log On button.

Jacquie Lawson Login Page

Step 3. On the Login form, enter your Email Address and Password. Remember the email ID and password while registering for the Jacquie Lawson account.

Jacquie Lawson Login Form

Step 4. If you are going to use the same device to open this site, it is better that you check on the box that says Log me on automatically in future visits

Step 5. After entering all the details, click on the LOG ON button. 

That's it, if the entered details are valid you should see your name on the Top Right side of the page.

Reset Password

If you don't remember or want to change Jacquie Lawson password then please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Visit Jacquie Lawson website and click on Log on button. Or click here to go to the homepage.

Jacquie Lawson Forgot Password

Step 2. Once you are on the Login page, click on Forgotten your password? link. Or you can directly click here to redirect you to that page.

Jacquie Lawson Reset Password

Step 3. Now, enter the Email ID and click on Submit.

Step 4. You will receive an email with the link for resetting your password. Click on the link or you can copy and paste the link on your browser.

Step 5. On the new page enter the new password and then click on the Continue button. 

That's it, you have now successfully changed or reset your Jacquie Lawson Password.

Change Email ID

If you want to change your Email address for the Jacquie Lawson cards website, then do the following.

Step 1. Similar to a password change method, go to the login page and click on Forgotten your password?

Step 2. Once you are on the Password Reset page, click on the membership information recovery form link as shown in the image below.

Jacquie Lawson Change Email ID

Step 3. You will be redirected to another page where you will need to enter the necessary details to change your Email ID.

Step 4. First, enter your current email address twice for confirmation, then enter the new email address, your first and last name, Telephone no., Postcode/zip code, reference number if you have paid for the membership, the email addresses of those to whom you have sent the card previously.

Step 5. Once you are done, click on the Continue button.

That's it, you have successfully changed the Email Address for Jacquie Lawson card account.

If you no longer wish to use your Jacquie Lawson login account, then you can unsubscribe from the site by following the guide mentioned below.

Jacquie Lawson Unsubscribe

  • Click here to visit the Unsubscribe Jacquie Lawson page.
  • You will be presented with several options such as - in case if you have received the newsletter from the site that you don’t wish to receive, then you can send an email to help@jacquielawson.com
  • If you just want to unsubscribe from the newsletter, then log in to your account and go to the MY DETAILS page. At the bottom of the page, you can see several options from which you can choose what action you want to take.
  • Select the option you like to do and then click on the Update button.
  • In case you want to cancel altogether, then you have to send an email to help@jacquielawson.com/.

After you create an account, you are given the option of becoming a paid member for which you have to pay a certain amount of money to the site. You can follow the steps mentioned below:

Payment Method for Jacquie Lawson Account Holders.

Step 1. First, log into Jacquie Lawson account.

Step 2. On the menu bar, click on Join Us option.

Jacquie Lawson Payment

Step 3. On the Membership details page, choose the membership duration and click on the Continue button.

Jacquie Lawson Payment page

Step 4. On the next page, enter your Payment details correctly and then click on the Pay now button.

Step 5. They accept payment from Master card, Visa card, American Express, Discover, and PayPal

Step 6. After payment, an email will be sent to you informing you of your paid membership. 

Payment Method for Non Jacquie Lawson Account Holders.

Step 1. Visit Jacquie Lawson official website or click here.

Step 2. Click on the Join Us! option on the top right of the page.

Step 3. Then on the new page enter the Email Address and select your Country. After that, make sure to click on the terms and condition box and then click on the Continue button.

Step 4. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your Email Address, Password, your Full Name, and the option to choose 1-year membership for $20 or 2-year membership for $30. For extra curio collection, you have to pay $5 more. After that click on the Continue button.

Step 5. Enter your payment details on the next page and then click on the Pay now button.

Step 6. After the payment, an email will be sent to you informing you of your paid membership. 

Thank you for reading our article on Jacquie Lawson Login. We hope you have got your answer that you were looking for. Please leave us your feedback in the comment section below.

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