How to set up voicemail on iPhone?

Voicemail was one of the most popular and used features of a mobile phone plan, but now it’s one of those features that only few people use because of availability of new applications of course.

The main reason why voicemail has become so old-fashioned is because there are simply better, faster, and more convenient ways to message someone: for example, by SMS, Message, or WhatsApp.

Voicemail also takes a relatively long access time. 

You can quickly read a text message, but with a voicemail message, you have to log in to retrieve the message and then listen to the sender talk for tens of seconds over something they could have conveyed in a text message that takes two seconds to read.

In fact, some reports that have researched for the decline of voicemail say the service is now only used by two types of people: older parents and business people. 

Still there are people who use this service for their business so it is beneficial to know how to set up voice mail on iPhone. 

Here’s the thing you want to know if you want to set it up.

  • Tap the Phone app icon to open it. It’s the green icon with the old-fashioned white phone receiver. The Phone app is by default available in the dock at the bottom of your iPhone screen. It will be there unless you have moved it to a different location.
  • On the bottom toolbar of the Phone app, press on the Voicemail icon. It appears like an old reel of ribbon.
  • If the screen is blank, it means that you have already set up your voicemail on your iPhone. You can even see the voicemail messages listed if you’ve already set them up. If you have not set up voicemail, you will see a Configure link. Tap on it.
  • Apple will ask you to create a voicemail password. It can be something like a 4 digit PIN code. Create one, then enter it again when prompted.
  • After creating a PIN code, you will be taken to a voicemail home screen. On this screen, you can select Default, in which case a generic default message will be used to greet callers. Custom, which allows you to record your own greeting. Tap one of these options.
  • If you press Custom then you will want to press the Record button to record your own greeting. After recording it, you can press Play to play it back and see how it sounds.
  • After selecting Default or Custom, tap on Finish or Save located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Your iPhone has now set up voicemail.

It is worth to remember that voicemail messages saved on iPhones can be lost when a new SIM card is inserted into them. So, if you have some important voicemail messages you want to save, then you need to transfer them from your iPhone to your computer.

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