How to Save Snapchat Photos to Your Gallery?

The Snapchat app allows you to create attractive images that you can later post to your own story, send to friends in messages, or save to your device.


However, these are deleted after the recipient of the message has viewed the multimedia content. Therefore, many users wonder how to save these multimedia contents in their phone gallery. 


Saving Snapchat photos to your gallery is not an impossible mission, therefore in this article, we will tell you how you can do it to have your information backup. This in turn will allow you to share your photos and videos taken directly from Snapchat to other social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Open Snapchat app downloaded on your phone.
  • Enter your username and password if you are not automatically signed in.
  • Swipe down anywhere on the screen. This will take you to the user screen.
  • On the upper right corner of the screen click on the Settings menu.
  • Click Memories. It’s at the bottom of the My Account section of the menu.
  • Click Save to. It’s under the Save menu.
  • Select a save location. You have three options:
  • Memories is an app gallery that is backed up to Snapchat’s servers. You can access Memories by swiping up from the camera screen, and photos saved in Memories can be downloaded or shared at any time.
  • Memories and Camera Roll will save photos to both Memories and your device’s photo storage application.
  • Camera Roll only saves photos to your device’s photo storage app.
  • Click Back. It’s the arrow that you can see in the upper left corner of the screen. Now, when you save Snapchat photos and videos, they will be stored in the location of your choice on your device.
  • Click Autosave Stories if you want to automatically save every story you create.

Save photos or videos

  • Take a photo or video. Aim your device and tap (photo) or hold (video) the larger circle at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Click Save. It’s a square icon with a downward pointing arrow in the lower-left corner of the screen. Your photo has been saved in your default location.

Saving your history

  • Login to your Snapchat account and Swipe left. This will take you to the Snapchat Stories page.
  • Click the Save icon next to My Story. It’s a button in the upper right corner with an arrow pointing down. Your history is now saved in your default save location.

Screenshot Snapshot

  • Check out the screenshot buttons. On iPhone and iPad, press the Home button and the Lock button at the same time. Android phones may differ, but you will generally have to hold down the power button and the volume down button at the same time. 
  • On the Samsung Galaxy series, you need to press the Power and Home buttons at the same time.
  • Sign in to your Snapchat account and Swipe right across the screen. This opens your chat list.
  • Click on the unopened snap. This will open the snap; you have a maximum of 10 seconds time to take a screenshot, so be prepared.
  • Take a screenshot from your device. Do this as soon as your target is revealed.
  • You can access the screenshot in your phone’s camera roll.
  • You will receive a notification that you have taken a screenshot.
  • If you unfortunately miss the screenshot the first time, you can press and hold the expired snap to replay it. Keep in mind that you can only do this once per snap.

A new way to save Snapchat photos and videos to phone gallery after update with Memories. (Android and iOS)

After the update in which Snapchat introduced the new Memories section, the way in which we can download our photos and videos from Snapchat has changed substantially. That is why in this section of the post we are going to explain the new way to download Photo Snaps and video snaps from Snapchat to Android Gallery or iOS Camera Roll as the method is exactly the same.


  • The first thing we will have to do is open the Snapchat app to take your photo or record our videos once inside. 
  • When you have finished and you are on the editing screen, you will only have to press the button in the form of a cube with a down arrow as you did in the old method. The only difference is that now it will not be saved in the internal memory of your phone, but in the memory section.
  • The next thing will be to access the Memories section which you can do by just clicking on the small circle under the shutter. This will display all Snapchat photos or videos taken and saved from the app. 
  • Here you will have to click on the photo or video that you want to save in your reel or gallery so that it is displayed in full screen. Once on the full screen, you will have to click on it again so that the Edit option is displayed at the top of the screen where you will have to press.
  • This will bring up various options. You will have to click on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen. This will reveal a list of options among which you will find the option: Export Snap, on which you must click.
  • This will bring up a menu in which you will have to press the Save to image option. This will automatically save the Snapchat image or video to the internal memory of your iOS or Android phone.


In this article, we have explained to you the detail about how to save your Snapchat photos to your Gallery. If you have any questions regarding the method, please do comment, we are happy to help you.

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