How to Retrieve Deleted Text on an iPhone?

Many of us have had text messages stored on our iPhones for a very long time.

Some messages may be valuable to us or they may contain some important information that you are likely to need again.

If you need to access them again, a quick search on your iPhone should bring them up.

However, some messages are from your local providers or credit card companies and you may accidentally delete all the messages.

If so, there are ways to retrieve your important messages on iPhone which we discuss in detail below:

If you’ve recently deleted an important message, chances are good that it may still be available on your paired macOS or iOS device, such as your laptop or iPad. 

  • To check, open the Messages app on paired devices and see if messages are available here.
  • If so, you can take a screenshot of the messages, or copy and paste the text elsewhere, such as in your notes, to make sure you have a copy of the data.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can back up the device that has messages using iTunes (don’t turn off airplane mode until it’s complete), which you can then use to restore those messages in PDF format.

Recover Deleted Text Messages from iCloud

If you store data in iCloud or have done so in the past, chances are that it will be possible to access your deleted messages from here. Here’s how to restore them:

  • Go to Settings→ [your name]→ iCloud→ Messages. If it’s on, turn it off. Your phone may say Messages to iCloud: Messages have not been fully downloaded to this iPhone. Select Disconnect and Download Messages.
  • Re-enable the Messages option by selecting message merge on your device. This will start downloading your messages from the cloud back to your device. This process only takes few minutes.

Retrieve Deleted Texts from iTunes Backup

If you haven’t backed up your messages to iCloud, but backed up your phone to iTunes on your Mac or PC, you can restore your text messages from there. If you haven’t backed up your phone to iTunes, still it is worth trying. 

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer you synced with. iTunes should open automatically on your computer – if not, you can open it manually.
  • You should see an iPhone icon in the upper left corner. Choose this.
  • Now select Restore Backup.
  • Any previously saved data will overwrite the data on your phone. It will take a few minutes. If you haven’t backed up after deleting these  messages, then messages will now appear in the normal message list on your iPhone.

These are some ways you can retrieve your messages on your iPhone.

Do try these methods and mention it on our comment box below.

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