How to record WhatsApp Calls?

WhatsApp has different shortcuts to perform actions without other users knowing, such as viewing the statuses anonymously or so that  it is not known that the app is being used.

On this occasion, a new trick allows you to record a call on WhatsApp without anyone noticing, and that works on both Android phones and iPhones . This trick allows you to do it comfortably, quickly and without having to download a third-party application for it. although the process is different depending on the mobile operating system used.

Android mobile phone users have it easier to record calls on WhatsApp, since in this case the trick only takes a few small steps and does not require any other device to complete it. Here is teh trick you have to follow:

  • When a call is received or made on WhatsApp, the first thing to do is put it on speaker. Then, without hanging up, just go back to the phone’s home screen and look for the voice recorder application , which is usually pre-installed on the smartphone .
  • When you open the recorder application, it only remains to start recording . In order for the conversation to be heard in the best possible way later, it is advisable to turn up the volume as much as possible. Once the call ends, all that remains is to stop the recording and save it.

For iPhone

Performing this trick on iPhone is a bit more complex than doing it with an Android mobile, mainly because the Apple phone does not allow you to activate the recorder at the same time as a call. But it can be done by following the trick mentioned below: 

  • For this, it is absolutely necessary to have a Mac computer . The process to record a WhatsApp call on iPhone is a bit more cumbersome. The first thing to do is connect the Apple phone to the laptop and then open the QuickTime application.
  • Once open, you have to go to File and select New audio recording . At that moment, it is time to select the iPhone and press the button to start QuickTime recording. 
  • The next step is to make the WhatsApp call and click on the icon to add the person you want to talk to. Once the call ends, just stop recording and save the voice file.

Third Party Application for Android

You can choose from a variety of applications for recording Whatsapp calls – all of them are freely available, you can download the free software from the Google Play store. High-quality convenient recording of a WhatsApp conversation on Android will be provided by the following applications:

  1. Cube Call Recorder
  2. Real Call Recorder
  3. Messenger Call Recorder
  4. CV-Record


The recording is carried out in automatic mode. But you can set custom settings – we will tell you how to make the necessary parameters.

  1. Open the application
  2. Allow the application the required accesses
  3. In the Recording section , find the Recording Settings item and turn on the recording of calls to WhatsApp.

Third Party Application for iPhones

Recording of Whatsapp conversation on iPhone is provided by the following applications:

  • Call Recorder Unlimited
  • IntCall
  • CallRec Lite
  • Transcribe by NoNotes
  • TapeACall

Here’s how you can record the whatsapp call on iphone via these apps:

  • Open Tap A Call.
  • When making an outgoing call, you need to dial the access number that will appear on the screen.
  • Wait until the connection is established.
  • Then open the messenger and find the contact you need.
  • Press the voice button.
  • The connection of the two calls will be established automatically, the recording will start on its own.
  • When there is an incoming call, accept the call from the interlocutor.
  • Open the software and click on the big red button Save.
  • The two numbers will be connected automatically.
  • You can view the recordings of the conversation in the program menu – open any of them, send them by email or via a social network.


So these are few ways you can record whatsApp call without any hassle either on iPhone or Android.

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