How to know if your iPhone is Tapped?

The iPhone has long gone beyond the ordinary mobile phone.

With its help, we not only communicate with different people but also store personal information in it.

A smartphone knows more about us than relatives, best friends, and a significant other. And in the hands of hackers, this information can harm many people. 

How do you know that confidential data is safe and your mobile is not being tapped? 

There are some symptoms that you should look out for to know whether your iPhone is tapped. Such symptoms include:

If the phone has been tapped, it is most likely that there is some type of signal that we can hear when we make calls.

There are two predominant variants in this type of case.

  • One of them is the click. Shortly after making the call, when the other person has answered, we can hear a distant click sound. This would be indicating to us that there is someone, the spy, who is listening to us at that very moment, in rigorous real-time.
  • The other signal is interference or problems in the quality of the call that, curiously, we have never suffered from this mobile. It is as if we were talking through an old line that was repeatedly cut, something that we know does not happen with the Apple cell phone.

Lighting Up of Screen

Check your iPhone screen regularly when you are not using it.

Watch the screen to see if it lights up suddenly, even for a fraction of a second.

If the screen lights up suddenly even the iPhone is not in use, it is indicative of spyware.

For example, the screen can light up when the spy uses the iPhone as a device to listen to you.

Turn off the phone and wait

We know that this can be complicated under some circumstances, but we are going to ask you to turn off the phone for a period of time in this case.

The intention we have in this case is to check if the spy who supposedly controls in part our phone is going to turn it on without our authorization.

Let’s see if, after having turned it off, the mobile turns on by magic.

Unexpected restarts may also be indicating that there is some kind of intervention in the terminal.

Data consumption

Check the data usage of the iPhone. The excessive consumption of data that is not due to your activity indicates an intervened software.

To check your data consumption, tap Settings, General, and Usage, and view your usage under Mobile network data.

For a more accurate result, click on Reset Statistics to zero, then check your usage in a couple of days.

Drained battery

Check the battery usage of your iPhone. When a spy software is installed and activated on your device, the device’s battery tends to drain much faster than normal.

For example, if your battery normally lasts a day, but suddenly starts to drain after few hours , the device could be tapped.

Suspicious applications

Although hackers are very intelligent and tend to hide the spy apps that they install on our iPhones, there is a small possibility that this will not happen.

That is why it never hurts to take a look at the list of applications installed on our iPhone and also at the apps that we have downloaded from the App Store.

How to restore your iPhone?

If you think your iPhone has been tampered with, typically you will need to fully restore it to its factory state.

That is the only safe way to remove the spy software from your device. 

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