How to Copy Instagram Caption and Comment?

Here are some ways to copy Instagram comments and captions to your mobile.

If you want to copy a comment or caption on Instagram, you can do so by using a browser app like Chrome on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone (and tablet). 

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the post you want to copy the caption or comment. Tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the published photo or video.
  • In the menu that opens, go to the Copy link.
  • Now open the browser of your choice. Paste the link you have copied in the address bar and tap the Enter key on your keyboard to access the post in the web version.
  • Select the caption or comments you want to copy. Then go to Copy.
  • Now, just open the application in which you want to share the text. It can be Instagram itself, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Docs, or wherever else you want. To paste, just tap the text box for a few seconds and then the Paste option will appear.

Copy Instagram Link

The process for copying Instagram posts link is the same as for copying captions and comments.

However, in step 3, you must choose only the shared URL. Then, just paste in the browser of your choice and access the site.

If you want to copy a Bio link, you must first click on it.

The link will then open in an Instagram app’s browser.

Then, tap on the three dots icon, in the upper right corner, and in the menu that opens, go to the Copy link.

The same goes for links from sponsored posts and posts shared in Stories.

Copy text from Instagram Stories through OCR technology

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, which is capable of extracting textual content from photos and sometimes even interpreting and translating it if necessary. To use it follow the steps detailed below:

  • Access the Story you want to save and take the screenshot. To hide elements such as the profile of the person who posted and the comments field, tap on the screen and hold it before capturing it.
  • Now open the website with the OCR service of your choice. Tap File to upload the image.
  • Select Files to use the image stored in your smartphone’s screenshot folder.
  • Choose the language in which the text to be converted is. 
  • Next, decide the format you want the file to be converted tosuch as .docx , .xlsx or .txt etc.
  • Finally, go to Convert, the converted content will be displayed in a text box on the website itself. Copy and paste the text at your desired platform.

Copy the Instagram message

To do this, open the private chat with the person or group you want to copy text from. Tap on the message and hold for a few seconds. In the menu that appears, Click on the Copy option. Then just paste wherever you want.

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