How Do I Deactivate/Delete OkCupid Account?

Being part of a dating site and finding people that interest you is very easy. But deleting your account may take a few more minutes and several steps. Such as:

  1. Login to your account and then go to the right of your screen and click on your photo. Then select Settings.
  2. At the bottom of your screen, the option Need a break? Come here to disable or delete their account, click there.
  3. Here you will have two options: Disable your account: if you select this option you will be able to recover your profile with all your data or Delete your account, which will be permanent. If you have chosen this last option, click on Delete account.
  4. In this step, select the reason for which you want to delete your account from the options, enter your password, and click Delete.
  5. Your OkCupid account has been deleted.

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