Why can’t my Instagram update my profile?

If you are not able to change your profile picture on your Instagram account, then here are some suggestions you can try to resolve this issue:

The first way you can do is try refreshing your Instagram homepage. After that, go back into your Instagram account, then continue by changing the profile photo. If it’s still an error, please follow the next method below.

Logout And Log Back

The second way that needs to be tried to fix this problem is to log out of your Instagram account, then log back into your account. Next, just check whether it is possible or not to change the profile photo.

Update Application

The error problem may be caused because you haven’t updated your Instagram. Therefore, update your Instagram application first. If it’s still an error, then try restarting your smartphone, after that just check again.

Reinstall Instagram

If all the methods above failed, then uninstall the application on your phone. Then download it again on the google play store or Apple app store. After reinstalling the application, log in to your account and try to change your profile picture.

Clean RAM of your device

The smartphone you are using may experience lag due to the multitasking process of several applications running simultaneously so that it takes up a lot of RAM resources. 

To clean RAM, go to the settings menu, then select the Device Maintenance menu. Next, select the Memory Options, later the system will show the amount of memory used in several applications, then press the Delete Now button.

If the menu is not found on your smartphone, try using a third-party application for RAM cleaner (such as the CleanMaster application) which you can download on the Google Play Store.

Force Stop Application

When you are changing the profile picture, if the Instagram application only displays continuous loading, try to forcefully stop the process.

To do this, go to the Settings menu, select the Applications menu and then select the Installed Applications option. Tap on the Instagram app and hit the Force Stop button.

Clear App Cache

The accumulated cache is also the reason why some applications get errors and force close, including being one of the reasons why Instagram accounts can’t change profile photos.

To delete the cache, the method is the same as in the steps to force stop the application above, the difference is that for the last stage you press the Clear Cache button.

Report a Problem

The last way that is quite effective in overcoming all problems on Instagram is to report the problem. Report a problem itself is an Instagram default feature that functions as a report button for Instagram users if they experience a problem. 


The method itself is very easy, open Instagram, then continue by clicking the lower right corner, after that go to settings, select help, select report a problem.

There, describe the problem you are experiencing. Finally, just send it, if you have sent it then you just have to wait for Instagram to process your request.

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