How To Enable Cookies in Yandex Browser in Mobile

The Yandex mobile browser is based on the Chromium engine, and it is in many ways similar to its desktop version. The familiar look of the application, the well-known red and white logo, and a special menu that opens quick access to selected sites have been preserved. The browser is equipped with built-in malware protection and also supports Turbo traffic compression mode.

The browser itself is distinguished by its high-speed performance and adapts content well to the screens of mobile devices. As usual, the user can bookmark sites and manage browsing history. In the settings, you can disable the storage of passwords and notifications. There is also a built-in ad blocker.

Yandex mobile browser also uses cookies to store your history and information. However, the mobile version of this browser doesn’t provide the option of enabling or disabling cookies.

In order to manage cookie preference in this browser, you can always delete cookies and history from the browser, or you can use the incognito mode of the browser.

We have provided you with the steps to delete cookies and switch to incognito mode in Yandex mobile browser.

How to clear cookies in Yandex Browser for mobile

Clearing cookies on a smartphone takes place in several taps:

  • To delete confidential data and, thereby, speed up your work, open Yandex Browser on Android, and on the main screen, press the button in the form of three dots.
  • Then select ” Settings, “scroll through the list of parameters to the ” Privacy ” section.
  • Go to the ” Clear data ” subsection.
  • Uncheck all the boxes and mark the ” Web page data ” item.
  • Click ” Clear data. “

Yandex Browser incognito mode

This is a special private mode, in which the history of visiting pages on the Internet is not saved, the entered passwords are not saved, cookies and autofill data are not saved.

In some browsers, search queries entered in this mode are also not saved. Private mode allows you to visit pages without leaving traces in your browser.

It is important to understand that incognito mode does not provide your complete anonymity on the Internet. For example, Your authorization on your page on the social network will not go unnoticed. Also, this mode will not protect your computer from viruses if you visit a page infected with them.

To enable incognito mode in the Yandex browser, you have to:

To go to the confidential display of sites through the application on Android or iPhone, do the following:

  • Press the button with three dots. The mobile Yandex Browser menu will appear.
  • In it, select “New Incognito Tab.” If this button is not displayed on your Android smartphone, press the touch menu key on the device itself.
  • On the iPhone, the required section is present by default. It should be remembered that after activating incognito mode, some of its capabilities become unavailable.
  • A warning will appear on the iPhone or Android screen to enable the function. The background color of the application will change to dark gray.
  • After that, you can go to any site, and it will not be saved in the visit log.
  • To cancel the confidential display, you need to go to the same menu through which it was turned on.
  • Next – select the option “Close Incognito tabs.” You can also enable the section with open Internet resources (navigation) and there manually close all pages that were open after turning on the function on the iPhone or Android.

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