How To Enable Cookies In Mozilla On iPhone

Like other Internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox collects cookies from websites to help you remember your individual site preferences and save you time staying connected.

To further clarify the concept, they are the ones that allow you to connect to a site while keeping your access open, without having to enter the password each time (as long as you have checked the corresponding box when logging in) or find the elements previously added to an online store cart.

Another important thing to know is that cookies can be first-party, generated directly by the sites you visit, or by third parties, generated by external sites compared to those visited (for example, comment boxes or buttons on social networks. present in many blogs or Internet sites use cookies to identify the user and remember their preferences).

In short, as you surely understand, cookies are of fundamental importance in online browsing, and therefore we must learn to manage them optimally.

How to Enable Cookies On iPhone In Firefox?

The iOS version of Firefox does not allow you to block first-party cookies directly, while it provides an anti-tracking system that automatically blocks many third-party cookies.

However, here is how to check and enable cookies in Firefox on iPhone and iPad for instructional purposes.

  • Launch Firefox, tap on the three horizontal menu icons in the lower right corner, and select Settings.
  • In the Privacy section, select Data management.
  • Make sure Cookies are enabled. If it is disabled, enable the option and restart Firefox.

If, despite these steps, you have problems with cookies, make sure you are not using the anonymous browser, which, as you well know, does not allow the browser to store cookies, history, and other browsing data on your mobile phone.

To close the anonymous browsing mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Press the icon located at the bottom right, and choose the standard browsing mode; Firefox will be reactivated.
  • If you want to close the anonymous browsing mode tabs, you can use the x placed in each tab (in the title of each open page anonymously).
  • You can easily recognize a site opened in anonymous mode from one opened in standard mode due to the fact that the Firefox toolbars are black in anonymous mode and white in standard mode.

How to delete cookies on iPhone?

The outdated cookies can affect the performance of your browser. Hackers can also exploit cookies to gain access to your information and online activity.

If your browser saved third-party cookies on your iPhone, or if you have trouble visiting web pages and downloading files, consider clearing all saved cookies. Please note that if you delete your browser cookies, you will log out of most websites. Likewise, you may need to re-customize your preferences and other settings when you revisit some websites.

To delete cookies in iOS Mozilla Firefox, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Firefox Settings menu, select Data management, activate Cookies only, tap Clear private data and tap OK on the message.

These are the processes to enable, disable, and delete cookies in your iOS devices.

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