How To Delete POF Account Temporarily Or Permanent?

If you have found your desired partner and no more wanted to be in the dating world, then you can delete your account permanently. Or the POF also provides you with the option of temporarily closing or deactivating your account in case you just wanted to be away from the dating world for a while. Both methods are mentioned below.

  • In such a case, follow the method mentioned below:
  • Visit the link delete account of pof account from your browser.
  • Now login with your username and password and click on the SETTINGS.
  •  Now scroll down until you find the DELETE MY ACCOUNT option, click on it.
  • The page will pop up which will ask you to enter all your information, and again enter your username and password
  • It will also ask you for the reason you want to close your account, your feedback, and so on. Click on the right option or reason and scroll down the page, then click on the DELETE ACCOUNT button.

Temporarily deactivating your account

Here deactivating means hiding your account so others cant see your profile. For this, you need to:

  • Visit the link homepage from your browser and then log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Now the next step will be to click on the CHECK MAIL button, from there you can easily find the EDIT MY PROFILE option. Click on it then you will be provided with multiple options.
  •  One of the option will be TO HIDE YOUR PROFILE FROM OTHERS, CLICK HERE, so click on it.

Note- Before deleting your account, it would be wise for you to delete all your pictures and information. Also, you won’t be able to delete your account within the first 24 hr of the registration of your account.

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