Walmart Credit Card Customer Service: Guidelines

Walmart Credit Card is mostly used by the customers who purchase goods from Walmart Stores.

It is a credit card issued by Capital One. You can log into Walmart Credit Card account here.

Walmart Credit Card

It is primarily used by the customers who purchase from Walmart, online or in-stores.

Customers can earn a 5% reward in Walmart stores for the first 12 months when you use your Walmart Credit Card.

Payments are made easy when you integrate Walmart Credit Card with Walmart Pay and can use it in purchases from its stores.

Cardholders can securely store their credit card, debit card, or gift cards into Walmart Pay and can pay quickly and easily using your phone.

They have succeeded in building a successful customer relationship and getting happy customers who enjoy the benefits.

Applying for Walmart Credit Card is made easy with an online account and Capital One being as the issuer of the credit cards.

You can apply for the card with your personal information and just some mouse click away.

In this article, we are going to discuss a step by step instructions on how to log into the Walmart Credit card, how to apply for the card, and what are its benefits.

Walmart has great customer services providing information on accessibility, store credit, product recalls, and many more.

Walmart is always committed to build websites and applications like Walmart Pay, easily accessible for all customers, including customers with disabilities.

  • Earn 5% cashback with Walmart Reward Cards.
  • Redeem your rewards on travel.
  • Earn 2% on Walmart stores, Walmart & Murphy USA Fuel Stations, Restaurants & travel.
  • Get notified of possible unwanted activity in your account.
  • Account management made easy for bill pay, viewing balances, checking statements, and many more.

How to Log into Walmart Credit Card Account?

Step 1: Account holders customer in Walmart can log in from Walmart’s login page. Go to the URL


walmart login

Step 2: You will find a login section on the webpage. Enter your “Email address” and “Password” in their respective fields and click the “Sign in” button. You will be redirected to the online management dashboard. Check the “Keep me signed in” checkbox to make your account and credentials remembered for next time you try to log in.

How to Apply for Walmart Credit Card

Step 1: Customers who are looking to apply for Walmart Credit Card and create an account is easy. To create an account in Walmart, you can either click the “Create Account” below the login form in the login URL above or click the link You will be redirected to a Walmart Sign up webpage.

walmart sign up

Step 2: Enter your details. All the fields below are mandatory and required.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Create a password.

Step 3: Click the “Create Account” and you will be a registered member of Walmart. You will be redirected to your Walmart account portal where you will be prompted with application for the card.

Step 4: Enter your detail to get a card.

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How To Reset Forgot Password?

Having trouble logging in? It is sometimes obvious that you forget or lose your password. If anything like that happens, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the same login page and look for the link that says “Forgot password?”.

walmart forgot password

Step 2: Enter your email address associated with your Walmart account and click the blue “Continue” button. A verification code will be sent to your email address. Enter the verification code to access your online portal once again.


Yes, Walmart has a credit card. You can apply for the card from here

Groceries shopping is made easy with Walmart app and Walmart Pay.

It can be used for Walmart purchases and anywhere else where Mastercard is accepted.

You can view your reward and manage them at or in the Capital One mobile app.

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