What Are Internet Cookies and How To Enable Cookies in lots of different browsers

Internet Cookies or just Cookies are small bits of information that web servers stores on your Computer or other Devices when you visit a certain website.

Cookies are typically used to help websites store necessary information which later can be used to minimize the time needed for that particular web page to function.

Cookies are also widely used to track users’ online behavior.

Third-party cookies are often participating in such activities and hence most web users choose to disable third-party cookies to help prevent them from being tracked.

In recent years, there has been more awareness on Cookies and preventing users from being duped.

Now users can take the decision solely to enable or disable Cookies.

Also, note that most of the websites require Cookies to be enabled for their website to function properly.

Here we have presented a series of guides to help you Configure your settings regarding Cookies.

Enable Cookies in lots of different browsers