Get Student Discount with Hulu and Spotify?

We all have heard about Spotify, it’s a music streaming service and one of the most popular in its category. If you are a student and new to Spotify then there’s a benefit for you from Spotify and Hulu.

The combination of excellent free service status and fantastic multi-platform support makes it the ideal choice for everyone. Whether you’re using Spotify’s free or premium service, there are lots of ways to get the most out of your experience.

Spotify and Hulu discounts for students

If you are a subscriber of the digital music platform Spotify Premium, your monthly payment also includes the streaming service of the Hulu platform. What is Hulu then?

Hulu is one of the excellent platforms for users who want to experience quality entertainment at affordable prices. The site is known for its vast library and has a lot of content to offer to its customers. You can start watching some of your favorite shows quickly, without worry.

Adding to that, the student discount plan helps young students to get the most out of their money. Saving money is always the right way especially for students.

Hulu and Spotify have partnered to offer students additional benefits. Now you can get music and video entertainment with a subscription. This helps to save your finances tremendously. Users have access to Spotify premium, Hulu (ad-supported), and showtime, all under one umbrella.

This is a sensible financial solution for students who want to save money and entertain at the same time. The best part about this subscription is that you get it all for free for three months. Overall, there is no real downside to using the student discount. You have access to endless entertainment with three subscriptions.

Overall Hulu and Spotify offer is a great way to save money on entertainment expenses. All three services are available for $ 4.99 + tax after three months. 

A complete guide regarding Hulu and Spotify for Students

If you are new to Hulu and Spotify offer, read below to know how you can get a student discount.

The Hulu student discount offer is relatively easy for students who want to save their money. A great way to save even more is to split your account between a few friends. The student discount is available on the official Spotify website. Here are the steps on how to enable the Hulu discount.

  • Enter the Spotify website for students or click here.

Spotify premium with Hulu discount for students

  • If you don't have Hulu or Showtime then click on the 'GET 1 MONTH FREE' option.
  • Next, sign in using any of the options available on the screen. If you don't have a Spotify account then click on the 'SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY' button. Spotify uses a verification system to confirm that you are an active student. The verification process takes a few hours, depending on your faculty. Users can also manually check their college enrollment if they are experiencing any problems.
  • After you are logged into Spotify, you will need to make a payment. Paypal, Visa debit, and a credit card are all accepted. $ 4.99 amount will be deducted after the trial period.

Many students may end up experiencing the verification error. Spotify uses an automated tool to ensure that premium subscriptions are processed quickly.

The manual scan mode is also useful for people who cannot be scanned. Here you will be asked to provide the necessary information about your college or university. Overall, the Spotify website will confirm whether you are studying on an active course or not.

Online scanning works well with most American colleges. Hulu also uses the same verification process for its student consumers as well. A simple college ID card will be needed. Users can click on an image with their phone and upload it to the platform for manual verification.

If you have an existing Hulu or Showtime account and an active Spotify Premium for Students account, you will need to switch your billing to Spotify.

And, if you're new to Spotify and have an existing Hulu ad-supported plan (which doesn't have any additional services enabled or connected), you can simply approve the change during your Spotify Premium for Students signup process.

  • If you already have accounts, you can make the change within Spotify. Log into Spotify with your Spotify Premium account for students.
  • Go to your account page and choose Activate Hulu (in the overview area).
  • Confirm that you want to change and then activate your Hulu and Spotify Premium accounts for Students + Hulu.
  • To change billing for an existing Showtime plan, you will need to cancel your current Showtime subscription and wait for the billing period to end. Then after the last billing date for the subscription passes, go to your Spotify subscription page to activate your Showtime subscription.

Refrences & FAQ

The official website of Spotify is

You can download Spotify for their official website. Visit and navigate to the Download page. Click on the Download button to get spotify.

To download Spotify for free, visit Spotify's home page and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the Free mobile app link, click on it.

You can check to see availability or vacancies in Spotify.

The official website of Hulu is


You can which devices are supported by Hulu on this link.

Check out Hulu subscription plans on this link.

The official website of Hulu is

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