Uhc Jarvis: Guidelines For Portal Login And Its Benefits

United Health Care(UHC) is your personalized member website that helps you access and manages your health plan information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can search and find out about in-network care prices, see what’s covered, view claim details, manage your bills, and more. It helps you find a network doctor or to have more information about what your health care plan covers.


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Company Name United Health Care
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UHC was founded in 1977 and since its establishment, it has been providing its services to people all over the United States. It has developed an online portal through which people seeking healthcare plans can use their services. UHC Jarvis is an online portal which is selling United Health Care medicare products, providing training, certifications, compliance, and communications.

If you are new to the Jarvis Login system, then Jarvis is the online security tool that uses a double authentication tool for maximizing security. You have to create the Optum ID for registering in UHC Jarvis. the Optum ID uses a two-factor authentication process, once the Optum ID is registered, you can then use it smoothly. The benefits that UHC Jarvis Login providing include:

  1. Safe and secure login with a double authentication process.
  2. The Jarvis login can be accessed via the website or on mobile applications.
  3. The websites and mobile applications are accessible to people with disabilities. 
  4. You can find all kinds of tools in one place including UnitedHealthcare Toolkit, LEAN, Prescription Drug List, and Provider look-up.
  5. You can also view your full portfolio information. You can also update your Plan Search.
  6. You can use the Provider/Pharmacy Locator

A complete guide to using UHC Jarvis Login Portal

If you are looking for the complete guide and step by step method to register, log in, navigate, reset account, and contact, then you have come to the right place.

Here we have tried to give you complete guidance on using UHC Jarvis login page.

To create an account for UHC Jarvis login, you must have an Optum ID or One Healthcare ID. One Healthcare ID is your single sign-on ID for any applications that are connected to One Healthcare ID, it is a simple, and secured identity management solution. Once you have your OneHealthCare ID, you can use it to access any associated applications, reset your password, customize your profile or recover your OneHealthCare ID. 

Optum ID is similar to OneHealthCare ID. If you have Optum ID, then it is registered as your OneHealthCare ID so you don’t have to register for a separate OneHealthCare ID. With Optum ID, you can continue using and login to your account. If you don’t have Optum or OneHealthCare ID, then you can create one by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the uhc jarvis sign up link https://identity.onehealthcareid.com/app/index.html#/registration from your browser and provide your first and last name, your email address, and then create OneHealthCare ID which is your Username. So it should be 6 to 50 characters long with at least one letter, no spaces, no letters with accents, and no use of special symbols. 
  2. Now create your password, type the password again, and at the bottom, click on the I AGREE button. 
  3. A confirmation code will be sent to you in your specified email, click on the link. You have to click on the link at the specified time else the link will be expired and you may have to repeat the process.
  4. With the link, you can activate your Optum ID and complete the registration process providing all the required information.
  5. You will be notified with an email that you have successfully created your account.

After you registered and activated your Optum or OneHealthCare ID, you can now login to your account following the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to the uhc jarvis login link https://www.uhcjarvis.com/content/jarvis/en/sign_in.html#/sign_in from your browser and click on the Sign in with One Healthcare ID button.
2. Now enter your OneHEalthCare ID or Optum ID or your email address.
3. Enter your password and click on the SIGN IN button.

If you have forgotten your OneHealthCare ID or want to set a new one, then you can do so by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the uhc jarvis login link https://identity.onehealthcareid.com/app/index.html#/login from your browser and click on the option Forgot One Healthcare ID?
  2. Enter the Email address that you have registered with and click on the NEXT button.
  3. The system will check for the email specified, if the email exists in the system, the OneHealthCare ID will be sent to your email.
  4. Or, they will provide you with the link with which you can reset your OneHealthCare ID.
  5. There is also a second option available if you want to reset your OneHealthCare ID for which you have to click on the option Find One Healthcare ID with other information.
  6. A page will appear where you have to enter your personal information like your first name and last name, your phone number, your date of birth, and then click on NEXT.
  7. After you provide all the required information, the system will check for the information and will send you the link in your email with your ID.

If you forget your password to your UHC Jarvis Login account or you want to change the old password to a new one, then you can do so by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the uhc jarvis login link https://identity.onehealthcareid.com/app/index.html#/login from your browser and click on the option FORGOT PASSWORD.
  2. Provide your OneHealthCare ID or your Email address and click on the NEXT button.
  3. A verification link will be sent to your email, click on the link, verify your identity and reset your password.

If you still face problems or errors then you can contact support at 1(888)381-8581 or phd@uhc.com.

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