Follow My Health: Overview & Guidelines

Welcome to Guideline of follow my health login.

If you are a patient or doctor that uses the follow my health portal login with your associated medical facility, you can sign in to your account at

The login page will look like this:

follow my health login

Go to URL follow my health sign in and you will see the landing page as shown in the following image and click “Sign In” Tab

FollowMyHealth login

follow my health Sign Up

If you have not accessed FollowMyHealth before then Follow my health signup. And you will see the landing page as shown in the image and submit all the data to the respective fields and finally click

“Confirm and Continue” Tab.

FollowMyHealth sign up

follow my health Reset

If you have forgotten your login password, Reset follow my health portal.

follow my health login problems

If any trouble in follow my health login then click follows my health support.

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