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Eharmony is a dating service with a touch.

Unlike Tinder, which is all about looks and first impressions, Eharmony uses data derived from a survey you conduct – to find potential matches for you.

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Eharmony is a mammoth in the online dating industry.

Millions of single men and women use Eharmony to search for a loving and caring partner who could meet their need for a serious and stable relationship.

With over 66 million users worldwide, Eharmony has been continuously focusing on providing and improvising its services to users since August 2000.

The website only focuses on providing long term relationship solutions term and sustainable to its users.

There comes the time in every individual’s life when they just want to end their search for a perfect partner and desperately want to settle down with the love of their life, Eharmony has helped these people find the love of their life. 

EHarmony’s web platform is designed in a user-friendly and simple layout.

They haven’t updated the site much since its launch in 2000.

The non-intensive updating of the website may have made it look dated, but in terms of function, it has managed to keep its users happy entirely.

The site believes in providing the tools and functionality necessary to find and communicate with a user who matches your preferences.

Therefore, instead of overloading the website with excessive features and options, the site chose to stick with an older layout and necessary functions and features.

The website has a very neat appearance with proper placement of menus, options.

The other benefits of using Eharmony are as follows:

  • The website has a large user base of over 66 million users around the world. This improves your chances of getting a perfect match while still allowing you to choose from several available options.
  • The website has developed a unique Guided Communication System, and this system provides you with suggestive texts to start and continue the conversation.
  • When creating your profile, the site asks you to complete a questionnaire to give a brief knowledge of your preferences and choices; the site uses this data to find the most suitable partner.
  • The website and app will provide you with random profiles daily for matchmaking based on your preferences.
  • The website has developed an app for Android and iOS users to access its services from mobile phones. Navigating is straightforward and new user can quickly get their hands on the app in no time. You can quickly scroll through profiles and perform various interactive operations using all of the same features as the web platform. The app is convenient for users who are always on the go. However, the app’s profile pictures will appear blurry and will only become visible when purchasing a premium subscription.
  • The website uses a comprehensive match system that matches you with a member by comparing and evaluating preferences and personal data very accurately. It also offers you the most suitable user profile

Log in to your Eharmony account

After successfully creating your account and choosing your subscription, the next step for you is to log in to your Eharmony account. 

  • Visit the link login page from your browser.
  • You can log n with the Email ID and password that you have used during the registration process. Simply enter your Email ID and your password and then click on LOG IN.
  •  You can also log in with the FB account that you have used at first to join the Eharmony.
  • You can also log in with your Apple ID.
  • If you will be using the same device multiple times of Login, then check on the box that says KEEP ME LOGGED IN.


If you have not yet created an account in Eharmony to start dating, then why wait to make a new account with these simple methods:

  • First, visit the link homepage from your browser.
  • A page will pop up which will ask you to enter your gender and gender of the person you are searching, then enter your Email ID, and type in your password.
  •  Then clink on JOIN NOW button. You can also join with your FB ID if you want to.
  • Now you will have to take part in a compatibility Quiz so click on CONTINUE.
  • You have to take part in Quiz so again click on the CONTINUE button.
  • It will ask you a few questionnaires, simply answer them as honestly as you can.
  •  After you complete the Compatibility quiz, you will now have to answer a few simple personal questions like your name, DOB, height, etc. You also have to include at least one photo of yours.
  •  After uploading a photo, you will again have to answer a few personal questions that will on your profile and will be visible on the site. 
  • Answer the questions after which you will have a free account in Eharmony.
  • The next step is for you to choose the subscription plan because although you can create an account for free but you won’t be able to communicate with your match and enjoy other benefits of the site. So choose the best subscription plan that you prefer.

Reset Username and password

At times, you may forget the Eharmony account password, in such a case you can easily recover and reset your information easily. 

  • If you have forgotten your password, then visit the link login page on your browser
  • Enter the Email ID that you have registered with and click on FORGOT THE PASSWORD.
  •  A page will pop up which will ask you to enter your Email ID and click on the RESET PASSWORD button.
  • You will receive an email with the password reset link, click on the link and enter the new password that you best remember. Then click on SAVE NEW PASSWORD.

Since your Email is the one you signed in with, you rarely forget the email address that you signed in with your Eharmony account. 


You have to choose from the subscription plan that the site offers. Normally, Eharmony provides you with the following plan:

  • $59.95 for a 1-month plan
  • $39.95 a month for a 3-month plan
  •  $29.95 a month for a 6-month plan
  • $19.95 a month for a 12-month plan

You can pay via Credit cards, debit cards like Master card, Visa card and you can also pay via Paypal.

Unlike other dating sites, eharmony will break down your payments into two or three small sums.

The site also offers you 3 day trial period after which if you are not satisfied with the features, you can cancel the subscription and you will be refunded.

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