Amazon Hiring Process 2021

In response to the COVID-19 Amazon has taken some safety measurements on their recruitment process.

Below is the newest update about the amazon Hiring Process in 2021.

Amazon hiring process
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In the updated process, most of the tasks will be done online so you don’t have to visit in person.

When you are asked to meet in person, your temperature will be checked and please be sure to wear a mask.

Stage 1: Job application and preview

Provide an online application with some information about yourself, then complete an online assessment, and select your preferred shift.

After completing your application you will receive an email with a link for a 30-minute Virtual Job Preview.

You will learn more about your role at Amazon and the important guides before your first day. This is done online so no travel required.

Stage 2. Attend office hours
After you have completed your Virtual Job Preview, you will need to attend an in-person 20-minute Office Hours appointment.

When you go to for the appointment, remember to bring proof of your identity and
employment eligibility.

Stage 3. New hire orientation
After the Office Hours appointment, you will again receive an email from KNET with instructions for your Online New Hire Orientation.

During KNET online session, you will be briefed on what it is like to work at Amazon, workplace safety, and proper attire to prepare you for your first day with Amazon.

Stage 4. Your first day
After completing your KNET online orientation, you will receive an email with schedule details.

Reach on time for your first day and when you arrive at Amazon, you will dive deeper into the details of your tanks and learn important safety rules and regulations to keep you and your teammates safe in Amazon’s work environment.

Amazon Response to COVID-19

With the start of COVID-19, Amazon has stepped up its safety rules and has remained committed to the health and safety of employees and customers around the world.

Some of the initiatives taken by Amazon during COVID-19:

  • Masks for employees and customers: Amazon has delivered millions of masks across their entire network. Masks are available to all associated with Amazon, from delivery service partners to Whole Foods Market store employees.
  • Social distancing: With Amazon social distancing which they have taken seriously to spread the diseases. They have now adjusted their practices to fulfill employees can maintain a safer distance
    from co-workers. They also have made changes to shift start times and break times. Also, suspended exit screening to ensure ease of movement near main entrances.
  • Temperature checks: As an additional preventative measure, everyone at Amazon will have to go through a temperature check before entering
    the premises. This should be done on daily basis.
  • Is it possible to work Can I work for Amazon if there is a Lockdown order in my city?: Yes, Amazon remains open as an essential service and is open to help communities delivering critical supplies
    directly to the doorsteps. For more on safety and other information please visit

How to Log into Amazon KNET for new Hires?

If you are a new hire and were sent an email from the KNET and to complete your orientation online but having a problem logging into your KNET account, then please please read our comprehensive guide on KNET login: KNET LOGIN.

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